Cornwall Rock Climbing

Cornwall rock climbing needs no introduction. Cornwall has some spectacular rock climbing, drawing climbers from all over the UK, and beyond, to climb the pristine granite sea cliffs. Here at Kernow Coasteering, we are passionate about rock climbing. We would love the opportunity to take you out and introduce you to this exciting and challenging sport whilst showing off some truly stunning Cornish rock climbing crags all in beautiful locations that will take your breath away, and that's before you even get off the ground!

Maybe you have never done rock climbing before, or perhaps you have climbed indoors and are looking for your first rock climb outside. Or perhaps you have experience and are looking to improve. Either way, we can tailor a rock climbing package to suit you.

"A truly wonderful experience climbing outside with amazing views of the Cornish coast."

A. Sand, August '18

Our Rock Climbing Adventures


introduction to rock climbing


These courses are perfect for first-time cimbers, or those with a little experience of climbing indoors or outside.

Minimum Age: 5 years old

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Instructor:Client Ratio: Up to 1:6

Price: 1-2 people: £75 per person
3-4 people: £65 per person
5-6 people: £50 per person

Rock climbing in Cornwall learning traditional rock climbing with Kernow Coasteering

Intermediate rock climbing


This is course is for those of you who have some experience and want to learn more about traditional rock climbing outdoors.

Minimum Age: 10 years old*

Difficulty Level: Novice

Instructor:Client Ratio: Up to 1:2

Price: £180 for 1 or 2 people


Rock climber trying hard on Zig Zag at Sennen, Cornwall during an Kernow Coasteering advanced rock climbing course.

Advanced rock climbing


If you have reasonable experience and are looking to move towards climbing independtly outside, then this course is for you..

Minimum Age: 12 years old*

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Instructor:Client Ratio: Up to 1:2

Price: £200 for 1 or 2 people

Multi-pitch sea cliff climbing near Land's End in Cornwall. Guided rock climbing in Cornwall with Kernow Coasteering.

Guided Multi-pitch Sea Cliff Climbing


Let us guide you on some of the classic mutli-pitch climbs of the Cornish coast.. 

Minimum Age: 12 years old*

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to advanced

Instructor:Client Ratio: Up to 1:2

Price: £200 for 1 or 2 people


First Ascents

Despite what many people think, rock climbing isn’t as hard and scary as you might think. With a little determination, anyone coming on a rock climbing course with Kernow Coasteering will be able to reach the top of some climbing routes. If this will be your first rock climbing experience, we will get you climbing as quickly as possible. As well as learning some basic rope skills and fundamentals of rock climbing technique, you'll get the chance to climb several routes, some of which are considered classic climbs by the climbing community. We can choose routes to suit your ability and level of confidence, from the very easy, to the devilishly hard!

Your first climbs will be done using a method called 'top-roping' which enables us to climb multiple routes quickly, and in total safety. In addition to climbing yourself, you will get the opportunity to safeguard your friends by ‘belaying’, or securing their rope, to prevent them from falling. Climbing is great for building trust! During a rock climbing day, as well as getting in as much climbing as possible, you will be able to try your hand at abseiling- another thrilling way to enjoy the cliffs and an essential skill for anyone looking to take their climbing further.


If you have some experience, be it climbing indoors or outdoors, we’ve got plenty to keep you entertained. Whether you simply want to enjoy some climbing in the fabulous coastal settings of Cornwall’s crags, or whether you want to learn more skills to help you progress in your climbing journey, we’re here to help. Have a look at our various courses. If in doubt, please get in touch and we’ll decide the best plan to suit you.

Rock climbing carabiner icon

Who is Rock Climbing For?

Like any outdoor activity, a basic level of fitness and an adventurous attitude are advantageous, but not essential. We feel everyone should try rock climbing at least once and Cornwall is the perfect place to sample this addictive pastime. With the proliferation of indoor climbing and bouldering walls across the UK, climbing is now accessible for almost everyone. Rock climbing and bouldering are great exercise, as well as honing the mind for the various mental challenges that climbing throws at us. Suitable for young and old, if you can walk to the crag, you will be able to climb some easy rock routes.

* For our intermediate courses, and upwards, under 18s must be accompained by their parent or legal guardian.

Climbing for children with Kernow Coasteering

Climbing is also a great activity for children and is great a developing a number of skills. It's physical nature is great for developing strnegth, agility, as well as hand-eye coordination. It's also a great activity for promotiung problem solving skills, concentration and decision making. Our minimum age for rock climbing is just 5 years old.

Is Rock Climbing Safe?

Rock climbing in total safety with Kernow Coasteering

Like all our activities, Kernow Coasteering takes the safety of its rock climbing clients very seriously. You will always be with an instructor who holds NGB qualifications, such as a Rock Climbing Instructor (formerly Single Pitch Award) certificate or Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (formerly Mountaineering Instructor Award), as well as a valid First Aid certificate.

Our instructors are dedicated rock climbers who years of experience climbing for their own pleasure, and they have extensive local knowledge of all the routes on the major crags of Cornwall. You can climb in confidence, knowing we've got your back at all times.