Introduction to Rock Climbing in Cornwall

If this will be your first rock climbing experience, we will get you climbing some routes as quickly as possible. As well as learning some basic rope skills and fundamentals of climbing technique, you'll get the chance to climb several routes, many of which are considered classic climbs by the climbing community. Feeling nervous? Don't worry, our instructors are here to guide you through your first climbs at your own pace, giving you advice and reassurance as you go.

You might be surprised just how much fun you are having when, before you started, you might have thought you wouldn't be able climb higher than six inches off the ground! The crags we visit have a wide variety of routes, from easy beginner routes that we are sure any of you can climb; right up to fearsome test pieces, only a true rock warrior would be able to complete.

Beginners climbing sessions work equally well in small groups, or larger family and friend groups. You can take things at your own pace; as well as getting in as much climbing as you want, you can spend any down time relaxing, taking photos, and generally taking in the surroundings of the gorgeous Cornish cliff sceneery that our climbing crags offer.

"Great day rock climbing with Matt. Fun and informative. Got us going with the basics and we were amazed by what we achieved. Highly recommend Matt for a great day of adventure."

Andy R., April '19

Your First Rock Climbing Routes

We will start with some easy rock routes that you will be able to climb. You’ll get a feel for the sensation of moving over steep rock and becoming accustomed to being high off the ground, learning to trust the rope. You will learn some techniques that you can use on subsequent climbs, as we tackle some progressively more challenging climbing.

We can choose routes to suit your ability and level of confidence, from the very easy, to the devilishly hard! Your first climbs will be done using a method called 'top-roping' which enables us to climb multiple routes quickly, and as safely as possible. With a rope above you at all times, there’s no need to be afraid of falling, allowing you to try hard and apply different techniques if your first attempt doesn’t work out.

You have the choice to learn the basics of rope work, such as some essential rock climbing knots, as well as how to ‘belay’, the method we use to safeguard a climbing and prevent them from falling. Honing these skills throughout the day, you will be able to go away from this experience and climb independently at your local climbing wall, so long as you can demonstrate simple and safe belay technique.

Don’t worry if that all seems a bit much at this stage, if you prefer, leave the belaying and knot-tying to us, and you can focus purely on the climbing.

Young rock climber on a beginner rock climbing course at Trewavas Head near Penzance, Cornwall.
Rock climber on the Groove at Trewavas Head. Rock climbing courses in Cornwall with Kernow Coasteering.


Learn abseiling and other essential rock climbing skills in Cornwall with Kernow COasteering. Here ciber abseils down a cliff in
Young rock climber abseiling down a sheer cliff with Kernow Coasteering on a beginner rock climbing course in Cornwall

No typical rock climbing day is complete without trying some abseiling. As well as an essential skill for any budding rock climber, abseiling is an adventure in its own right.

Whether you have abseiled before, maybe from a building or underground, or whether it’s your first time, the exposure of abseiling off a sea-cliff is a thrill you will not soon forget. You’ll certainly feel a rush of adrenalin as you back over the cliff edge, but you’ll soon be enjoying the process of moving down the rope and you’ll be sorry it’s over so quickly. Don’t worry, you can always have another go if there’s time!

£75 per person
(Full day)