Our new wetsuits have arrived!

Yes! Are new wetsuits arrived earlier today. Brand-spanking new C-Skin suits designed with coasteering in mind. They feature extra-tough material on the arms and legs to resist those embarrassing scrapes down those barnacle-encrusted rocks! That was the last part of equipment we were waiting for, so we're all prepped and ready to roll!

Another new route confirmed!

One of our top guides, Rob and myself had an amazing session yesterday, and thoroughly checked a site I'd had high hopes for. Especially the massive, and I mean MASSIVE jumps at the end! We were glad to find that even at low tide there was plenty of water to jump into. This route has it all - hidden beaches, gullies and caves, plenty of jumps, cracks and whirlpools to get washed around in. Part of the route is quite sensitive to the swell, so we'll have to watch that. And where is it? That's a secret of course... ;)

Sand, up close and personal!

Check out this article from some amazing images of sand at 250x magnification. May sound simple, but what you see is surprisingly complex and beatiful. Much of the sand in west Cornwall is made from tiny fragments of sea shells, pulverised by aeons of wave action! So the stuff you get in your shoes at the end of a coasteer may have once been part of a limpet or a gastropod, r any of a vast array of shell-dwelling sea life.


A big day for Kernow Coasteering!

I'm very happy to annouce that Kernow Coasteering has just received in the post this morning its AALA licence! What on Earth is an ALLA licence, you say? Well AALA was set up in 1995 to regulate safety in the outdoor industry, and its primary focus was for activities concerning minors visiting activity centres. So what does this mean for you guys?


Coasteering and climbing vouchers available now!

It's that time once again people, when you are rushing around preapring, and wracking your brains trying to find that perfect gift for someone special. Look no further! Buy them a gift vouhcer for either a coasteering or rock climbing eperience with us. The vouchers are redeemable for a session in 2015. Full T&Cs available on request. Contact us to find out more.


Kernow Coasteering in the Andes

Kernow Coasteering's Matt has had a busy winter so far. In between preparations for Kernow Coasteering's adventures for 2015, Matt flew out to Argentina on a three week trip to attempt to climb one of the 7 summits - Aconcagua. At 6962 metres above sea level, it is recognised as the highest mountain in South America. It is also the highest mountain outside of the Greater Himalayan range.


Coast Steering or Coasteering?

So what is this activity we specialise in called, and how do we say it? Is it Coast Steering, or Coasteering? The most commonly made mispronunciation of the word is Coast Steering. Presumably, people think it has something to do with 'steering' a course, or navigating one's way along the coastline.


School booking - limited availability

Your summer in Cornwall is not complete without an adventure with Kernow Coasteering!

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