Mine Exploration

Cornwall's history is closely entwined with a rich heritage of tin and copper mining. It's surface landscape is still defined by its plethora of mine ruins, and the old mine engine houses and chimneys are as iconic to Cornwall as pasties and cream teas (jam first, of course!). These wonderful sights draw people from far and wide to marvel at these wonders of industry from a bygone era, and the recent Poldark phenomenon has fuelled more recent interest in this history. But few consider, let alone get a chance, to experience where the real business of Cornish mining took place, which is, of course, underground.

Now, for the first time, you can venture underground for an unforgettable underground experience with our new sister company, Cornwall Underground Adventures. Coming soon, for summer 2019, Cornwall Underground Adventures will be giving you the chance to enter and explore deep within an authentic Cornish tin mine, and see it as it was left when the workers downed tools, in some cases more than a hundred years ago. Marvel at the labyrinth of workings you'll discover, all dug and blasted by man, whilst having an unforgettable adventurous experience. Cornwall Underground Adventures will be offering trips of varying levels, from historical surface tours, easy walk-in, walk-out trips, to full on caving adventures, requiring ropes to traverse and abseil across and down mine shafts.

Cornwall Underground Adventures is a separate company from Kernow Coasteering, so head over to www.cornwallunderground.co.uk to find out more...

Mine explorer crossing a chams on an underground adventure